Government Defends need to legislate on Homosexuality

As to the content of the Bill, he said the Government was aware that the Penal Code already provides against homosexuality.

It may, therefore, not be necessary to have another law to further criminalise it.” He, however, added that there is a need to protect minors against homosexual relations “as we have already done with a law to protect minors against defilement in heterosexual relations.

Kutesa further pointed out that the Government does not support the promotion of homosexuality just like it cannot promote prostitution.

“It is a fact that if there are any homosexuals in Uganda, they are a minority. The majority of Africans, and indeed Ugandans, abhor this practice. It is, therefore, not correct to allow this minority to provoke the majority by promoting homosexuality,” the statement read.

He called for calm and said the Government would review the Bill in keeping with the concerns of Uganda’s society.

The Bahati Bill wants to impose a life sentence on homosexuality and the death penalty on aggravated homosexuality.

Aggravated homosexuality is defined as sex with a minor or a disabled person, where the offender is HIV-positive, a parent or a person in authority over the victim, or where drugs are used to overpower the victim.

Under the proposed Bill, promotion of homosexuality attracts a prison sentence of up to seven years, while anybody failing to report the offence within 24 hours risks imprisonment for up to three years.

Uganda blog society on facebook-whats the Deal?

"If you can totally relate to the words 'blogren' and 'Happy hour...if you the know that Jackfruity isn't not a word to describe the taste of is not a herb to add to your cup of tea...Then you are in the right place..if you do not..well you're welcome here..Uganda's growing internet voice..

Intelligent. Witty. Sexy. Occasionally Ridiculous"

Thats exactly the Groups description but the group totally sucks, I was the 36th member of this group a year ago. still 36 and not counting.

Lots of Blogrens on Afrigator though

Join the Uganda blog society

Also dont forget to join the group "I love Uganda here"

The HIV/ AIDS Story is Being Rewritten

In House of Numbers, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.- "House of numbers"

House of Numbers trailer

Best Films of 2009

This is one of my favorite posts of the year.

In 2009,  i think i saw over 100 movies(..still counting) at the cinema. -Well  I love to watch movies at the cinema. I believe that the cinema is the pure movie experience and I keep TV screens for sitcoms, news, sport and really good TV drama.

I know that your favourite movies will be very different from mine. I hear the critics talking about movies and I find their lists amusing but not real. Yuk.

1.    The Hangover.-Fun at its most, Very funny,very funny-i say

2.   Grand Torino -A million dollar baby for real, at 78 Clint Eastwood gets better and better. !

3.   District 9-  Not only a well furnished story but The fx in this movie was so-so fantastic that no any other movie could compete with in in 2009.

4.  Star Trek- I really hate space-related movies, but suprisingly I liked this one.

5.    Last house on the left- A original was so dense. This remake looked so "realistic".-Ciao!

6.   Taken-You will curse why you crossed Liam neeson's path. Pretty stunnning movie.

7.   Knowing- It had some serious disaster fx and of course Nicholas cage is on the list of my favorite actors. Watch it

8.   I love you man- Amazing

9.   G.I Joe-Rise of the Cobra- Its stunning, I cant believe it beat the big robots. Sorry Transformers

10.  Inglorious Basterds-Is remake of italian film quel maledetto treno blindato and Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Its a movie not to miss.

"Avator." This mega whooping $200 Million movie directed by James cameron, is yet to be seen-by me. Well He promised to change Cinema.

Today i Share with you GAY ROMEO

I think those that  are with are with me  here in  Uganda feel the pain of getting a Gay or Lesbian website..

So whenever i get a new site, (If i  remember) i will share it with you so today i share with you a dating site for Gays. You should check it out.

Do you want a Gigolo?


Fighting Aids

Below is a message i have recently sent out to many Ugandans who appear to be participating in the rewarding ideology of "Fighting Aids":

Ive been curious after spending  long visists in Uganda over the last 6 years why "AIDS" discriminates so overwhelmingly between the races? Is it "HIV" or malnutrition that causes immun...e defiecincies there?

There are no inhibitions or limits as to what goes on in the touristy Kabalaggala and city clubs yet young people seem to be quite healty, apart from a small incidence of alcoholism (but no "AIDS"). Even in the UK we continue to be burdened by unwanted preganacies and STDs, and the influence of the pornography, prostitition, sex tourism, pediphilia and swingers clubbing industries. And ther is still no "AIDS" scourge, after 27 years.

Also how is it possible to differentiate between intrauterine malnutrition and perinatal "AIDS" (MTCT) if all the lab tests are non-specific and fraught with problems of cross reactions with antibodies from TB, malaria and poverty in general? Someone at the MOH told me in 2005 that there were over 6000 AIDS NGOS operating in Uganda? How come? Has it become a kind of a religion down there?

 -Ricci Davis
World aids day December 1 2009

10 year old boy caught stealing sauce pan

I told you staying in Kampala is quite interesting. look what they do to kid thieves...By the way Dont nudge me about the picture quality. I took this with a 1.3 megapixel camera phone.

  says your next!-Nice day!

Keep the Earth Green awareness on facebook

Yeah, Found out this cool group on Facebook and wanted to share it with you.
Well, its true the Earth is burning and we all need to do something, so please to show your supportand join the Group by following this address:

-Remember you need to be registered to Facebook to join.

2 things about Ugandan Women

  1. She carries a handbag as big as an office locker, and guess whats in there : spare clothing, spare shoes, spare hair drier e.t.c eehhh !
  2. She is as quiet as you have been!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get me some rounds and i shoot in the sky, Its my Birthday

I like September 18th.
-The day i was born.
-The only day i think about how the day i will die will look like.
-The Only day i celebrate my Life in full-Cheers to me!!!!!!!

Uganda riot aftermath: 14 Dead, 550 Arrested, Media closures....

Kampala calm, its 7:26P.M -No shots fired

Update: Now more than 21 people Dead.
President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says the Uganda police and Military police shooting live bullets in both
protesters and non protesters was according to the Law.

"10 People dead so far in Uganda violence"
Anonymous tumwijuke said...

I counted 14 bodies at City Mortuary ...

September 11, 2009 9:43 AM

550 or more people Arrested so far.

More from witnesses|
The Ugandan police and Army was forcing rioters it had rounded up to scoop fire(they had set) using their bare hands.

Police and the army were/are going house-to-house and removing people from their homes, and witnessed truckloads of unarmed men being beaten(Reuters).

At least 6 Radio stations were shut. list of some below
Radio two-Akaboozi, Suubi FM, Radio sapisensa, Radio simba, CBS radio station

Several radio reporters/personalities abducted and taken into custody.

Tumwijuke on media blackout reports:
"From the corridors of WBS TV, a report that Kalundi Serumaga, a panelist on Kibazo on Friday was picked up shortly after the show for comments made about President Yoweri Museveni’s upbringing and leadership, the Bafuruki issue, oil and ethnicity"

Several T.V stations were also stormed into/surrounded.
Tumwijuke reports
"Disturbing reports that security operatives stormed the offices of NBS TV today to ‘edit’ their 8pm bulletin. A source inside NBS says any ‘unsanctioned’ material on the riots in Kampala was discarded"

Reports of Military presence at NTV were also reported.

For reports in real time:

10 People dead so far in Uganda violence

People walk past a man shot dead by the police as..(AP photo)

News so far:
10 People Dead so far in the riot in its 2nd Day.
7 Shot dead yesterday and 3 today (Friday)

More Radio stations closed : Radio two-Akaboozi, Suubi FM, Radio sapisensa, Radio simba allegededly for inciting violence.
(Yesterday CBS Radio station was closed)

5 people at Kiseka market have been arrested by the army for selling T-shirts bearing the Kabaka's(Buganda king) picture.

"Well the Baganda are saying enough is enough come rain or sunshine,Kayunga is on(Kabaka(Buganda king) will still visit).And on the other hand the criminal state is saying it can only happen over the dead bodies of so many ugandans.They are ready to destroy the country to enforce the order...s of one Munyala,We hear the Kabaka refused to pick the phone call of Isebagabe (Banyala king)."

Follow ups(From Tumwijuke):

More Uganda riot Updates

Unconfirmed reports:
CBS Radio station is now off air -reportadely cut of by the Government

CBS back on air-2 minutes back

Confirmed update:

CBS off air- Millitary police now guarding Masts at Buziga

My Radio station is off too now: Till next time-Scroll down for what u missed though!


Guys, you want more updates on the situation: Twitter @


Kampala is on fire,Dead people and Teargas!

Shot by Monitor publications.
Developing: Thursday Sep. 2010

"Like his mentor Milton Obote, Museveni is following his foot steps"

Violence is believed to have been triggered by a Group of people singing the Buganda Anthem-demonstrating against the Blockage of the Buganda Katikiro John Baptists Walusimbi from entering Kayunga earlier by Police.
The Katikito had gone to finalise on the Kabakas visit on Saturday.

On the scene:

Police are firing live AK rounds & Tear gas at demostrators who set ablaze a Police station in the Old park.

I can hear the numerous gun shots. Taxis are being diverted back to city subburbs. The police is even hitting vehicles trying to pass through the city. Breaking windows......

Government rebels- The (Black) Mambas and military police, have surrounded Bulange,Mengo,- Bulange is under-siege.

Two people now dead -killed by Mambas.

The violence has also spread to areas of kalerwe, Ndeeba, Kawempe, Bunamwaya and Kyebando on the outskirts of Kampala.

New Updates:

Two people reportadely dead in Nateete-A man and a woman

Now lots of Mambas and tear gas deployed in Kayunga...

Facebook: "Man guys this thing is going out of control, gunshots AK 47 ringing around wandegeya. DPC says kelerwe market has also kicked off, I just saw 2 UCprado's bursting up the hill towards state house full lights on with guns pointing out the windows. This is dejavu!

So far now four people dead, one policeman, one woman and three men.

Design Kingdom: Cool design but name sucks You guys have got one of the coolest site designs in U.G but your Domain of 13 Characters sucks!.-It really nags to type stuff that long...

Think you know why Yahoo-Bing-Google are popular- Cool short -soundy- names.

Wow! Some cool jabs at Uganda Parliament

An FDC(Forum for democratic change-Oppostion party) protester fighting with a policeman at the Uganda parliament on August 18th 2009.

Most Popolous Countries-2009 and 2050

Country Population (millions)
China 1,331
India 1,171
United States 307
Indonesia 243
Brazil 191
Pakistan 181
Bangladesh 162
Nigeria 153
Russia 142
Japan 128

Country Population (millions)
India 1,748
China 1,437
United States 439
Indonesia 343
Pakistan 335
Nigeria 285
Bangladesh 222
Brazil 215
Congo, Dem. Rep. 189
Philippines 150

Uganda-Who knows?

First rhino birth in Uganda for 28 years.

A baby white rhino, now named Obama, was born in Uganda in June at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Obama's mother was donated by Disney Animal Kingdon, and his father was donated by Kenya.
White rhinos were reintroduced into Uganda some 25 years after being poached to extinction. Four southern white rhinos were scrolled in here in 2005, from Kenya. A year later two more arrived from Disney, and the 6 (now 7) roam a 70 square kilometre reserve that is heavily protected.

LRA Team in Peace Talks Resigns

Elusive signatures of President Yoweri Museveni and rebel Joseph Kony on a final peace deal for Northern Uganda has forced Lord's Resistance Army's peace team to resign.
LRA's chief negotiator David Nyerokach-Matsanga and Mr Justine Labeja, who have been part of the team that negotiated various agreements aimed at ending the Ugandan civil war, yesterday resigned citing lack of commitment on the part of President Museveni and LRA leader Kony.

They said they lacked the capacity to 'chase' Kony for his signature in the Central Africa Republic, and that the Uganda government had failed to grant a temporary ceasefire to enable Kony to come out and sign the Final Peace Agreement.

"Museveni says Kony must sign the FPA, but he has refused to grant him a temporary ceasefire. How does he expect Kony to sign the agreement?" he said.
Didn't show up

In April, President Museveni went to Juba to sign the deal, but Kony failed to show up, making the chief negotiator Salva Kiir to postpone the signing.
But yesterday, the LRA negotiators told a news conference in Nairobi that they were happy that their efforts had restored peace in Northern Uganda, adding that Kony's signature was therefore "moribund."
Said Dr Nyerokach-Matsanga: "General Kony and President Museveni are a small entity in this process because Uganda is bigger than individuals when it comes to peace."

World Population Growth Is Now Almost Entirely Concentrated in the World’s Poorer Countries.

In 2009, world population stood at 6.8 billion, up about 83 million from 2008. The world total is likely to reach 7 billion in the latter half of 2011, with the bulk of growth in the world’s poorest nations. The less developed countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean are projected to increase by just under 50 percent in the 41 years between now and 2050, and the poorest of these are projected to double in population size over that period. But this scenario assumes that fertility in less developed countries will decline smoothly to the low levels observed in today’s more developed countries: about 1.8 children per woman. For fertility to fall to those low levels, many factors are key, including significant increases in the use of family planning in many less developed countries.

Ugandan Woman having a coke less than an hour after delivery

Uganda woman having a coke less than an hour after delivering... on Twitpic
Click to enlarge

Al Gore's Next Movie-No Hunger Trailer

On June 19th, the FAO published a report stating that there are now more than 1 billion hungry people around the world for the first time ever!Please join us in convincing Al Gore to make this his next movie and let's put an end to the greatest tragedy of the 21st Century, the tragedy of global hunger - a crisis that kills up to 5 million young children every year!

Please help sign the petition. its embeded in the post below.

Help sign the Petition for Al Gore's next film- No-Hunger campaign on July 13th

The global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger is launching No Hunger with a trailer to Al Gore’s next film—a film that doesn’t exist yet—about acute malnutrition, a disease that kills 5 million children each year. We’re asking people to view the trailer and sign the petition asking Gore to make the film. The petition will be presented to Al Gore this December at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

You can view the movie trailer at

And you can also sign the petition:

Just as An Inconvenient Truth helped reshape climate change, an Al Gore film called No Hunger could mobilize the support needed to end childhood deaths from malnutrition—a predictable, preventable condition that threatens 55 million children every year. We now have the tools to end acute malnutrition; we just need the support.

As the campaign has already been launched in Spain, and more recently in France and the United Kingdom, the petition already has some 63,000 signatures and is already endorsed by celebrities such as "Heroes" co-star Jimmy Jean Louis.

The campaign is on Monday, July 13th.