Best Films of 2009

This is one of my favorite posts of the year.

In 2009,  i think i saw over 100 movies(..still counting) at the cinema. -Well  I love to watch movies at the cinema. I believe that the cinema is the pure movie experience and I keep TV screens for sitcoms, news, sport and really good TV drama.

I know that your favourite movies will be very different from mine. I hear the critics talking about movies and I find their lists amusing but not real. Yuk.

1.    The Hangover.-Fun at its most, Very funny,very funny-i say

2.   Grand Torino -A million dollar baby for real, at 78 Clint Eastwood gets better and better. !

3.   District 9-  Not only a well furnished story but The fx in this movie was so-so fantastic that no any other movie could compete with in in 2009.

4.  Star Trek- I really hate space-related movies, but suprisingly I liked this one.

5.    Last house on the left- A original was so dense. This remake looked so "realistic".-Ciao!

6.   Taken-You will curse why you crossed Liam neeson's path. Pretty stunnning movie.

7.   Knowing- It had some serious disaster fx and of course Nicholas cage is on the list of my favorite actors. Watch it

8.   I love you man- Amazing

9.   G.I Joe-Rise of the Cobra- Its stunning, I cant believe it beat the big robots. Sorry Transformers

10.  Inglorious Basterds-Is remake of italian film quel maledetto treno blindato and Directed by Quentin Tarantino, Its a movie not to miss.

"Avator." This mega whooping $200 Million movie directed by James cameron, is yet to be seen-by me. Well He promised to change Cinema.
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