Tell Canyon Ridge Christian Church to Denounce Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill

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Started by: Michael Jones
Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas is one of the few religious entities that has yet to condemn efforts in Uganda to criminalize homosexuality with the death penalty and/or life in prison. Instead, Canyon Ridge Christian Church praises the work of Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa, who is one of the leading religious figures in Uganda working to pass harsh anti-gay legislation. Ssempa travels around Uganda stirring religious fervor against homosexuality, openly calling for gay people to be executed.
Is this the type of ministry that Canyon Ridge Christian Church believes is prophetic? Why are they holding up the work of Martin Ssempa, and why haven't they publicly condemned efforts to kill or imprison gay people, and their straight alleis, in Uganda?
It's time to demand better from Canyon Ridge Christian Church. Send their leaders and ministers a message that as a faith-based body, they should join with religious leaders from around the globe in condemning Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill. It's unacceptable for a Church, which claims to be a place for "God's grace and forgiveness," to support efforts to kill gay people in Uganda, and/or the ministers and ministries pushing to kill gay people in Uganda.


On your Web site (at this link:, you hold up the work of a pastor in Uganda, Martin Ssempa, who has repeatedly called for gays and lesbians in Uganda to be exterminated and/or imprisoned with life sentences. You note on your Web site that Martin Ssempa "is a social activist and has a prophetic ministry" in Uganda, and you praise his work as desiring "to raise a new generation of world-class leaders."

But the work that Ssempa does is extremely dangerous, and could very well lead to the widespread killing and jailing of innocent people in Uganda. Already, pastors and ministries including Rev. Rick Warren, the Philadelphia Bible University, and WAIT Training have denounced the work of Ssempa as violent and extremist.

Yet Canyon Ridge has not condemned Ssempa's work, nor has Canyon Ridge condemned efforts in Uganda to exterminate gays and lesbians. Why have you remained silent on this?

Your mission statement says that you are a Church where "everyone can discover that they matter to God. Where all people can come as they are and experience God's grace, love, forgiveness, healing, and hope." Yet by refusing to condemn efforts in Uganda to kill and imprison gay people and straight allies to the gay community, you are sending the message that your Church is willing to support murder and human rights violations committed en masse.

I urge you to denounce the legislative efforts in Uganda to criminalize homosexuality with the death penalty and life imprisonment, and I urge you to condemn the work of Pastor Martin Ssempa. He is not a man creating a generation of world-class leaders. He's a man who is calling for innocent people to be murdered, all because of their sexual orientation.

Thank you for your time.



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