Free Sex Trafficking Victim Sara Kruzan

Sara Kruzan is a victim of human trafficking, who, because of a crime she committed as a traumatized and enslaved child, has now spent over half her life in prison. But across America and around the world, hundreds of thousands of voices are now uniting in a call to justice for Sara and other children like her. Their message is clear: Governor Schwarzenegger, if you do one thing before you leave office, release child trafficking victim Sara Kruzan with time served.
Sara Kruzan was an 11-year-old girl when she first met G.G., the 31-year-old man who would become her pimp. G.G. groomed Sara for two years by buying her gifts and taking her roller skating. Since Sara's mother was addicted to drugs, being with G.G. felt like having a real parent around. But when she was 13, he raped her to initiate her into prostitution. G.G. then forced Sara and several other young girls to sell sex on the streets from 6pm to 6am, every night.  Twelve hours a night, seven nights a week, for three years, Sara was sold to strangers so G.G. could profit. She was in every sense, a modern-day slave. At just sixteen and with no other perceivable way out, she shot him.
Despite her young age, her severe trauma, and her status as a child trafficking victim, Sara was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. She was sentenced to a life without the possibility of redemption. She was sentenced to a life without hope.
But a national, grassroots movement is underway to get freedom and justice for Sara. On alone, nearly 20,000 people have signed petitions supporting Sara's freedom. members are publicly expressing their outrage at the serious miscarriage of justice in Sara's sentence of life without the possibility of parole. As reader Michelle Quann commented,
"You have a minor child being sexually victimized by an adult, and when her fragile psyche finally snaps and she reacts in such a primitive "child-like" way the courts want to treat her as an adult (which she isn't) ... What poor judgement and lack of concern for the victim in this case."
And the movement isn't limited to Anti-trafficking, human rights, and youth advocacy organizations from across the country have been sending letters to Gov. Schwarzenegger, asking him to grant Sara's clemency petition and release her with time served. As GEMS Executive Director Rachel Lloyd says,
"Sara's been victimized three times -- once by the institutions who failed her, once by the men who bought and sold her, and now by the criminal justice system that plans to incarcerate her for the rest of her life."
And according to Alison Parker, Director of the U.S. Program for Human Rights Watch,
“Sara Kruzan is an outstanding example of why the life without parole sentence for people who were under 18 when they committed their crimes is a human rights violation and fundamentally unfair. She was a child in a coercive situation not taken into account when she was sentenced. Now, she has changed. This sentence is so wrong for kids, because it says there is no chance of redemption."
But Sara is redeemed. She has become a model prisoner and deeply regrets her actions. But she has now spent over half her life in prison for a crime she committed as a trafficked, traumatized child. She's served her time. Now, Sara deserves a chance to heal from her pain and trauma, recover from the abuse of sex trafficking, and finally live in freedom after being enslaved or imprisoned since she was 13 years old. She deserves hope. You can watch her incredibly compelling story unfold below.

Main Reasons why Ugandans hate Indians

I recently did some research on the  reasons why most Ugandans hate Indians and these are some of the most captivating i found.

  • Indians are too abusive
  • Indians pay less at work
  • Indians seldomly associate with Black Ugandans.
  • Indians seldomly intermarry with Black Ugandans.
  • Black Ugandans think Indians take themselves superior over them.
  • Black Ugandans think Uganda is for only Ugandan black people.
  • Ugandans think indians are doing bussineses they should be doing.
  • Ugandans think Indians will take over the houses which  previously belonged to them(indians) before there  expulsion from the Uganda by Idi Amin.
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    Intresting facts about Uganda-Part 2

    This is part 2 of Interesting facts about Uganda, Very Clear and precise-everyone knows this!

    Hey, click here to read part 1of intresting parts

    • 53.9% of  the Mountain Gorilla Population is in Uganda. (Only 700 of these endangered species survive and are shared among three(3) countries Incl. Rwanda and DRC
    • Uganda has 6.8% of World butterfly species
    • The capital City “Kampala” is one of the dirtiest and potholed cities in the world
    • There are over 30-plus different indigenous language spoken in Uganda
    • English is the national language of Uganda
    • People don't stay on trees in Uganda!
    • Some people i.e the pygmies and bushmen stay in Bushes.
    • Uganda is the smallest of the only 4 African countries whose bird species is above the 1000 mark(Recorded within an area comparable to the size of Great Britain)

    • Uganda has one of the smallest churches in Uganda measuring roughly 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres.
    • Ranked 3rd in Magic and Wizardry in the world.
      • 7.8% species of the world mammals are in Uganda.
        • The Longest river(River Nile) in the world has its source in Uganda.
            • The earliest-known ancestor of modern apes and humans, the 20 million old fossilized Morotopithecus were unearthed in the 60's near moroto in Eastern Uganda and are now housed at the National  Museum.
              • Being Gay or Lesbian is a crime!
                • Its the country with the highest density of primates in the world, more in land, water bodies compared to any country on the continent.
                  • The worlds 2nd largest fresh water body, Lake Victoria is partly found in Uganda.
                    • World’s largest caldera mountains on Mt Elgon are in Uganda.
                      • People from Europe/America are seen as a ticket out of poverty since they have the mentality that there is no poverty in the western world.
                        • They drive on the left side.
                          •  117st ‘happiest’ place on earth according to the Happy Planet Index, which shows the efficiency with which nations are able to convert the planet’s natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens.
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                            Flirting with Disaster: Alcohol and Your Body

                            Blood Alcohol Content

                            New Windows Phone 7 Official Ad


                            Our Kampala under Museveni(One pic)

                            Kampala is littered by Chinese sub standard goods on almost all its shopping malls

                            THE BEHINDS OF SELECTED TRIBES IN UGANDA

                            Hahahhaha hihihiihihi , i like the iteso one, the bahima one ........!

                            Top Unique Babies (Accidents or Miracles)

                            I just got these over at  and i thought i would share it with you

                            Baby with tail

                            The baby was born in India in 2001. His 10 inch tail was revealed to the world a year after his birth. A lot of Indians consider him to be a re-incarnation of god.

                             Baby with 16 Toes

                            This little boy born in China on November 5 2008, he has 8 toes on each foot and no thumbs on either hand.

                            4 arms and 4 legs

                            This baby girl (Lakshmi Tatma) was born in India and was considered to be the re-incarnation of the hindu god vishnu

                             The two headed baby

                            In 2008, a baby was born in Bangladesh with two heads.

                            Mutated Baby
                             Baby with Harlequin-type ichthyosis

                             The baby born in Gilgit, Pakistan had tiger like skin in March 2010. There also seems to be something wrong with his hands, lips and eye lids. The baby passed away shortly after the birth.

                            World's smallest baby

                             Amillia Taylor is recorded to be the smallest baby ever to be born and luckily, just two weeks before the legal abortion limit 

                            Inter-racial Twins

                              This is very interesting. Same parents, same date of birth, same womb but different races. Both kids (Kaydon and Layton Richardson) have just celebrated their birthday in July 2010

                            Tell Canyon Ridge Christian Church to Denounce Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill

                            Targeting: Jose Cruz (Pastor), Susan Fuller (Pastor), Kevin Odor (Pastor), see more...
                            Started by: Michael Jones
                            Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas is one of the few religious entities that has yet to condemn efforts in Uganda to criminalize homosexuality with the death penalty and/or life in prison. Instead, Canyon Ridge Christian Church praises the work of Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa, who is one of the leading religious figures in Uganda working to pass harsh anti-gay legislation. Ssempa travels around Uganda stirring religious fervor against homosexuality, openly calling for gay people to be executed.
                            Is this the type of ministry that Canyon Ridge Christian Church believes is prophetic? Why are they holding up the work of Martin Ssempa, and why haven't they publicly condemned efforts to kill or imprison gay people, and their straight alleis, in Uganda?
                            It's time to demand better from Canyon Ridge Christian Church. Send their leaders and ministers a message that as a faith-based body, they should join with religious leaders from around the globe in condemning Uganda's "Kill the Gays" bill. It's unacceptable for a Church, which claims to be a place for "God's grace and forgiveness," to support efforts to kill gay people in Uganda, and/or the ministers and ministries pushing to kill gay people in Uganda.

                             PETITION TEXT

                            On your Web site (at this link:, you hold up the work of a pastor in Uganda, Martin Ssempa, who has repeatedly called for gays and lesbians in Uganda to be exterminated and/or imprisoned with life sentences. You note on your Web site that Martin Ssempa "is a social activist and has a prophetic ministry" in Uganda, and you praise his work as desiring "to raise a new generation of world-class leaders."

                            But the work that Ssempa does is extremely dangerous, and could very well lead to the widespread killing and jailing of innocent people in Uganda. Already, pastors and ministries including Rev. Rick Warren, the Philadelphia Bible University, and WAIT Training have denounced the work of Ssempa as violent and extremist.

                            Yet Canyon Ridge has not condemned Ssempa's work, nor has Canyon Ridge condemned efforts in Uganda to exterminate gays and lesbians. Why have you remained silent on this?

                            Your mission statement says that you are a Church where "everyone can discover that they matter to God. Where all people can come as they are and experience God's grace, love, forgiveness, healing, and hope." Yet by refusing to condemn efforts in Uganda to kill and imprison gay people and straight allies to the gay community, you are sending the message that your Church is willing to support murder and human rights violations committed en masse.

                            I urge you to denounce the legislative efforts in Uganda to criminalize homosexuality with the death penalty and life imprisonment, and I urge you to condemn the work of Pastor Martin Ssempa. He is not a man creating a generation of world-class leaders. He's a man who is calling for innocent people to be murdered, all because of their sexual orientation.

                            Thank you for your time.

                            TO SIGN PETITION VISIT:

                            RUGBY: UGANDA JUST BEAT ZIMBABWE

                            We cant stop the THRILL as we wallop Mugabe's Boys 25-15

                            An Open Statement from the Psychological Society of South Africa to the People and Leaders of Uganda Concerning The Anti-Homosexuality Bill

                            An Open Statement from the Psychological Society of South Africa
                            to the People and Leaders of Uganda Concerning
                            The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009

                            And addressed to:
                            President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
                            Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon. Edward Ssekandi Kiwanuka


                            On the occasion of the proposed legislation in Uganda to greatly expand your country’s existing criminalisation of homosexual behaviour, as well as to criminalise those who fail to report even suspicion of it including family members, colleagues and health care professionals;

                            And given arguments made in the bill itself and from its proponents in numerous public statements that it is intended to achieve the laudable goal of protecting youth, families and communities;

                            And given that there has been ample critique by civil society including human rights, public health and faith communities addressing a range of serious concerns from those perspectives;

                            And given that it is good practice that legislation is based not on unsubstantiated opinions, but rather on recognised research findings;

                            And given that there has not yet been a scientific analysis of the core assumptions and arguments being made to justify the legislation;

                            And given that the considerable body of relevant international scientific research provides a context in which to assess the assumptions and issues presented by The Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009;

                            It is therefore incumbent on representatives of organised psychology, as leaders in the field of mental health and well-being, to offer such an analysis and recommendations as follows :

                            The Nature of Sexual Orientation

                            Sexual orientation refers to one’s emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to men, women, or both sexes. It can also refer to a person’s core sense of identity based on those attractions, related behaviours, and membership in a community of others who share those attractions.

                            Research and clinical experience have found no relationship between sexual orientation and someone’s ability to contribute to the community and to influence children to become responsible members of society.

                            Research and clinical experience further concludes that for most people sexual orientation is not “a choice” or “voluntary.” The core aspects of sexual orientation, whether heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual, typically emerge by early adolescence, even though the individual may not yet have become sexually active.

                            While “causes” for any of these sexual orientations remain unclear, they are highly resistant to change. Further, there is no reliable evidence that sexual orientation is subject to redirection, “conversion” or any significant influence from efforts by psychological or other interventions.

                            Research and clinical experience concludes that homosexual or bisexual orientations are naturally occurring minority variations of normal human sexuality. They are also documented widely throughout nature.

                            The Sexual Orientation of Adults Does Not Adversely Affect Children in Their Care

                            A common manifestation of prejudice against homosexual people has been the allegation that gay men in particular pose a danger to children. Yet, all available reliable research data and clinical experience concludes that gay men are not more likely than heterosexual men to sexually exploit and abuse children. Claims to the contrary seriously mischaracterise the research and rely on suspect sources. The presumption that homosexual men are paedophiles also is not supported by respected, peer reviewed research.

                            South African-based as well as other international research has found that there is no difference between children who are raised by homosexual versus heterosexual parents regarding matters such as sexual orientation, gender identity, sex-role behaviour, likelihood of being sexually abused, self-concept, intelligence, personality characteristics, behaviour problems, peer relations, parental separation and divorce, general adjustment and accomplishment of developmental tasks.

                            Effects of Discrimination based on Sexual Orientation

                            Both international and South African research has found significant negative effects of exclusion and other forms of discrimination based on sexual orientation. Sexual orientation-based discrimination presents the same risks of psychological and other harms as discrimination on the basis of race, religion or gender.

                            Notably, among youth who identify as homosexual or bisexual or who think they may be, research concludes that family rejection and exclusion, as well as bullying by peers, correlates highly with a range of high risk behaviours and outcomes ranging from truancy to substance abuse to attempts at suicide.

                            In much of sub-Saharan Africa, homosexuality is firstly interpreted as “foreign,” portrayed as “un-African” and a “white import.” In some traditional African beliefs, those of a same-sex sexual orientation are considered cursed or bewitched; that is, damned by the forefathers and the gods. In primarily Christian and Muslim African countries alike, gay men and lesbian women are confronted with religious condemnation.

                            Much evidence points to this stigmatisation leading to deep-seated and widespread prejudice, discrimination and violence toward those who are not heterosexual. A session on homosexuality at the 2nd Africa Conference on Sexual Health and Rights, hosted in Kenya in 2006, noted that fear, hatred and abuse at the hands of largely intolerant and unsympathetic peers and elders hampers the personal growth and well-being of African homosexuals.

                            Also widely documented among the outcomes of prejudice and discrimination are consistently high rates of anti-homosexual harassment and violence, both state sanctioned and extrajudicial. Furthermore, criminalisation on the basis of sexual orientation has been found to exacerbate social discrimination and, in particular, leads service providers to discount, ignore and neglect the needs of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, thus compounding their vulnerability.


                            The scientific fields devoted to mental health and well-being, including psychiatry, psychology and sociology, do not consider homosexual orientation to be a disorder, but rather view it as a naturally occurring variation of normal human sexuality. Research and clinical practice indicates that homosexual people have an overall potential to contribute to society similar to that of heterosexual people and that they pose no greater risk to children than do heterosexual people.

                            While the proposed bill cites “…the need to protect the children and youths of Uganda…” as justification, there is no credible, reliable evidence that the measures contained in the bill will achieve that outcome. Research and clinical practice instead indicates that the abuse of human rights and fundamental freedoms embodied in the bill, and the state sponsored discrimination and affronts to basic human dignity it mandates, would instead result in profound physical and psychological harms to the already vulnerable lesbian, gay and bisexual youth in the very population the legislation claims to protect.

                            On the grounds outlined in this statement, the Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) therefore joins the international community in strongly opposing the proposed anti-homosexuality legislation. The PsySSA joins in the call for Ugandan leaders to abandon or defeat the bill, and instead to join the trend in the international community of decriminalising homosexuality.

                            Call to Action

                            The Psychological Society of South Africa invites other organisations and professionals dedicated to mental health and well-being, particularly throughout the African continent, to join us by endorsing this statement and forwarding notification of endorsement to the President of the Republic of Uganda and the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament at the addresses above as we will do upon release of this statement. We further ask that organisations and individuals so doing also kindly copy their endorsement to PsySSA so that we can monitor the response.
                            • Psychological Society of South Africa notification address:
                            The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA) is the professional body representing psychologists in South Africa. PsySSA has since its inception been dedicated to making a significant contribution to solving the pressing human development problems in South Africa. PsySSA is committed to the transformation and development of South African Psychology to serve the needs and interests of all South Africa’s people. PsySSA advances psychology as a science, profession and as a means of promoting human well-being.

                            The Psychological Society of South Africa is a member of The International Network on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Concerns and Transgender Issues in Psychology.

                            What a Crazy world: 12 year old girl marries 30 year old man in Gulu,Uganda

                            Weired news never seems to end in third world Countries.
                            The latest is in series- A 30 Year old man(with no shame)has married off a 12(Baby) year old girl in Northern Uganda,Gulu.
                            As im talking, the shameless guy has already sent in his Bride price.

                            People love young & fresh blood!

                            51 Killed,300 more reported missing after a deadly Landslide in Eastern Uganda

                            A land slide in Bududa, Eastern part of Uganda has killed 3451 people and 300 are reported to be missing .
                            However some people are reporting the figure to be 40. -This follows Heavy rains which have rocketed uganda.

                            R.I.P and my heart goes 2 the people of that side


                            Worlds most liveable cities

                            Following is a list of the top 10 most liveable cities as ranked by The Economist:

                            1. Vancouver, Canada
                            2. Vienna, Austria
                            3. Melbourne, Australia
                            4. Toronto, Canada
                            5. Calgary, Canada
                            6. Helsinki, Finland
                            7. Sydney, Australia
                            8. Perth, Australia
                            9. Adelaide, Australia
                            10. Auckland, New Zealand
                            The bottom 10 cities were:
                            1. Harare, Zimbabwe
                            2. Dhaka , Bangladesh
                            3. Algiers , Algeria
                            4. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
                            5. Lagos, Nigeria
                            6. Karachi, Pakistan
                            7. Douala, Cameroon
                            8. Kathmandu, Nepal
                            9. Colombo, Sri Lanka
                            10. Dakar, Senegal

                            Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill – Open Letter to President Museveni

                            Dear President Museveni and leaders of the National Resistance Movement


                            We, the undersigned, are a group of organisations and individuals from South Africa deeply concerned about the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” (2009) currently tabled before the Ugandan parliament, as well as sections 145, 146 and 148 of the Penal Code of Uganda that criminalises homosexual relations. For instance, section 145 of the existing Penal Code Act (1950) imposes a life sentence for consensual sex between adults of the same sex. The proposed Bill goes much further and includes the death penalty for similar offences. The original Penal Code was introduced by the British Colonial Administration.

                            This letter is written as an appeal to you in your capacity as leaders of the National Resistance Movement (NRM), the majority party in the Ugandan parliament. We urge that the NRM campaigns for the proposed Bill to be withdrawn and that consensual same-sex relations be decriminalised in the Republic of Uganda. These laws deliberately persecute individuals on the basis of their sexual orientation.

                            As organisations and individuals we do not presume to instruct the Ugandan Parliament but we wish to point out that these laws are human rights violations and they affect every person on the African continent and around the world.

                            SOCIAL COHESION: UGANDA AND BEYOND

                            The Anti-Homosexuality Bill purports to defend Ugandan family life, culture and society against the threats of homosexuality. Persecution of homosexuals and other sexual minorities will not achieve this aim. We support efforts by the Ugandan government to promote social cohesion including strengthening family bonds and parental care. These objectives are not incompatible with the right of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people to equality before the law. Every country on our continent faces potential social instability based on the mass unemployment of young people and poverty which has caused social conflict and displacement across the region. We believe this is the real force tearing at the social fabric. This is true for Uganda as much as for South Africa. Family life and social cohesion in Sub-Saharan Africa has also been weakened through the HIV epidemic with the passing of many adults leaving our children destitute and many the heads of their households. Violence against children and women is not only a violation of their rights but further undermines family life across the continent. We experienced this in South Africa in the despair of youth and poor people which fuelled the xenophobic violence of 2008, leaving many refugees and migrants from other African countries dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. Such intolerance directed at groups of people indicates a dangerous lack of social cohesion. Globally unfair trade and labour practices further undermines the dignity of our working people in Africa, limiting their job opportunities and restricting internal government revenues. Each of us on the African continent must help our governments and peoples to overcome these social inequalities and human rights violations. Cruel persecution of lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and intersex people may be a useful diversion but it sets a pattern for lawless behaviour that is undermining legality as well as the freedoms and rights of all people.


                            We all have a basic human right to personal security and psychological integrity and freedom and this includes the right to form loving relationships irrespective of sexual orientation. The proposed Bill and existing Penal Code promotes and sponsors hate crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons. Homophobia is no different from racism, tribalism, xenophobia or sexism as an irrational prejudice which encourages hatred and violence.

                            The equation of homosexuality with bestiality or paedophilia is misguided and an unjust stereotype. These practices are committed by a minority of people of all sexual orientations. We support the prosecution of rapists and paedophiles irrespective of their sexual orientation or social status.

                            The proposed Bill and Penal Code are also irreconcilable with universal and African values of dignity, equality and freedom. The existing Penal Code punishes homosexuals with possible life imprisonment and to this the new Bill would add the death penalty for amongst others the most basic and private expression of their sexual identity. People living with HIV/AIDS who are homosexual would also face the death penalty for engaging in sexual relations. It is not simply the death penalty that is unacceptable in this case but the very fact of criminalising the identity of lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and intersex people on the basis of their sexuality.

                            Professor Sylvia Tamale (Dean of Law at the University of Makerere) argues that the Bill is in conflict with the Constitution of Uganda and international instruments such as the African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We agree with her analysis. The Bill places Uganda outside of international law and therefore undermines confidence in its entire system of foreign relations. However, the flagrant abuse of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex human rights and the deliberate incitement of hate would place Uganda among legal systems with no justice. This could not be the objective of the national Resistance Movement or any other political party in Uganda.

                            Professor Tamale holds that the proposed death penalty, life sentences and potential for blackmail of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people undermines individual rights and family life. She argues that the Bill goes much further than the unjust colonial Penal Code. Privacy, trust and confidentiality are destroyed as those who know a homosexual would be liable for imprisonment for up to three years if they do not report that person to the police. This places counsellors, priests, doctors or teachers who are sworn to uphold confidentiality in an impossible position. In addition, the Bill would punish all those involved in research or advocacy of issues pertaining to sexual orientation for up to 7 years in prison.

                            South Africa has seen the devastating and inhumane effects of state-sponsored discrimination and hate crimes. The family life of African people was criminalised through the pass laws. People in South Africa remember with deep regret and sadness that barely 20 years ago inter-racial sexual relations were decriminalised as they too were once seen as a threat to society and the family unit. As we move away from this shameful past and learn that a person’s sexuality goes to the core of their dignity, privacy, identity and freedom, we ask you not to entrench the colonial laws against private, adult same-sex relationships.

                            The Uganda Constitution protects freedom, equality and dignity for all and we urge you to respect this. We ask your Parliament to withdraw this Bill and to amend the Penal Code to respect the dignity, equality and privacy of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. Chapter 4 section 36 of the Ugandan Constitution calls for the protection of the rights of minorities. Homosexuals must be protected because they are vulnerable, endure hate, stigma, prejudice and state-sponsored discrimination.

                            Uganda has been through civil wars and dictatorship. Today, it has created a stable democracy. The Anti-Homosexual Bill (2009) will take Ugandan society and all of Africa back in the direction of hate, tribalism, regionalism, xenophobia, sexism and war. Our tasks are to overcome the real deprivations caused by hunger, ill-health, unemployment, unequal education, violence, unfair trade and labour practices. These are the real factors tearing at our social fabric, not the existence of homosexuals who have formed part of all societies at all times. These are the tasks for which all our governments including the government of Uganda must provide leadership - not the persecution of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

                            We look forward to working with your government and to a speedy resolution of this painful interlude in the struggle for the dignity of every person in Africa.


                            To support/sign on this letter please follow this link:

                            Shocking clip: From HIV postive to HIV negative

                            This guy claims to have lived with AIDS for over 11 years, Well im not a judge watch his clip.

                            Bill Gates Not Fazed by Uganda's 'Kill the Gays' Bill

                            It's hard to believe Bill Gates isn't familiar with the Draconian Uganda "kill the gays" bill, but in a new interview with the Seattle Times, Gates essentially brushes it off:

                            Q: Looking at health efforts in Africa, such as HIV prevention and treatment, are you concerned about the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill, and have you spoken to anyone there about it?

                            A: The spread of AIDS is a huge problem and obviously we're very involved. I talk in my letter about the great success with this male circumcision effort, and preventative drug trials. There's a tendency to think in the U.S. just because a law says something that it's a big deal. In Africa if you want to talk about how to save lives, it's not just laws that count. There's a stigma no matter what that law says, for sex workers, men having sex with men, that's always been a problem for AIDS. It relates to groups that aren't that visible. AIDS itself is subject to incredible stigma. Open involvement is a helpful thing. I wouldn't overly focus on that. In terms of how many people are dying in Africa, it's not about the law on the books; it's about getting the message out and the new tools.

                             "The bill has been strongly condemned internationally and should be especially troubling to Gates because it 'in effect bans organizations working in HIV and AIDS prevention,' which it considers 'promotion of homosexuality.' The U.N.’s Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa blasted to legislation, saying, 'The law will drive [patients] away from seeking counseling and testing services.'” AIDS activists in Uganda and the U.S. have protested the bill, and the U.N. has threatened to scuttle plans to build an AIDS research center in Uganda if the bill becomes law."

                            Cool stuff to know about Uganda

                            National Language

                            Transport Means and Facts

                            Boda bodas are the most  fasted and most used means of when you want to get to a place fast . Other popular means are Taxis.

                            Cars drive on the left side of the road

                             Public Holidays

                            January 1- New Years Day
                            Janury 21-Eid al Adha
                            January 26-Liberation Day
                            March 8-International Womens day
                            March 25-28 -Good friday-Easter Monday
                            May 1-Labour Day
                            June 3-Martys Day
                            June 9-National heroes day
                            June 9-National Heroes day
                            October 9-Independence day
                            November 3-5-Eid Al Fitr
                            December 25th-Christmas Day
                            December 26th-Boxing day

                            Customs & Duties
                            • The following items may be brought into Uganda without incurring duties: 
                                     1 litre of Alcohol, 500ml of perfume for personal use and 250gm of cigarettes/cigars or tobacco.
                            •  The metric system is used in Uganda to measure weights.

                            Communications and Posts.

                            • International postal and telephone services are available in all the major towns in Uganda. 
                            • Internet services are available in major towns of Uganda i.e Kampala,Jinja,Masaka,Mbarara et.c

                            • Tips are included on your bill and amount to about 10-15% of the total amount.

                            Media in English

                            • The most popular English language newspapers in Uganda include:
                            The New Vision, The Monitor, The Red pepper(Tabloid), East African Times,The Onion(Tabloid) and The Indepedent.

                            • Televison in English
                                    NTV, WBS, UTV(Free) and Digital Television(Available in Hotels) -DSTV

                            Social Networks for Ugandans

                             Rock Ug



                            Why Luo women are so Dry

                            Well a Facebook Group "AcholiLimit" Answers that question"
                            Introducer of topic(Man):  Why is it that our Luo Women are relatively drier than their Bantu counterparts?
                            One school of thought argues that they're not "endowed by nature", while others attribute this condition to the kinds of foods and drinks that our dear ladies consume.

                            Lady1: @ Introducer...Did you do your Research very well..? being dry is not associated with foods & drinks..some ladies have lots of water naturally and others have little that has to be drained real well..what i mean here is...You have to do your work as a romancing your woman thoroughly....i promise you water will start to flow on its on own......most guys tend to ignore fore play & yet its very important for ladies......Cheers!

                            Man1: How universal is this claim that 'Luo women are dry'? I want to be that the maxim is false. What litmus test did the explorers of 'dryness' of Luo women use to arrive at this discovery. If it is a resaerch, what sample of women was selected and how was the sample arrived at?? Anyway we shall se the arguments...........

                            Lady2: Majority of the taps will flow if opened the right way. Maybe this reflects more on the men docking at the stations of these women. For me, my tap can even overflow when tapped right (lots of foreplay even when not in the mood or if for any reason I am already in the mood) but with no foreplay, as dry as the desert!

                            Man 2: Seems Introducer has found the ultimate answer just from our dear ladies 1 and 2. It's a proven fact that any well aroused lady or man through foreplay must wet up. @ Introducer, take your time with our dear sister, working on her gently b4 penetration and I promise to prove your theory wrong.!
                            Any more Luos sisters out there!!!!

                            Man 3:  True i agree. If you pay peanuts, u get monkeys to work for u. if u cant get a lady in the mood, expect sahara desert?
                            Men have to take time and really get the ladies to also enjoy. it is a two way traffic.

                            Man 4: I totally disagree with this argument of our beautiful ladies being dry, I also agree with other members who argued that with foreplay u get wet whether u lyk it or not. Ppl who complain that our ladies hv this problem r ppl who shoot first n ask question later. My bros first u must ask question then shoot as much u lyk, assuring ur self total submission.

                            Man 5: Thnx guys 4 your threads to the topic I posted. Much as I wouldnt talk up my prowess between the sheets (coz no1 can testify to that); it is a fact that ladies arent equally blessed along those lines.
                            Although lack of vaginal lubrication is mostly highly attributed to limited excitement during foreplay, other factors also come into question, e.g levels of estrogen, birth control pills, diet,stress, nature etc.
                            It is from the last point tht i based my topic.

                            Lady 3: Introducer, I am actually very offended by your generalizing question. Not even to say "SOME" luo women but just "LUO WOMEN" in general! u make it sound like most of us are dry all the time. Well, u have tried more luo women while i have not even tried one. But let me speak for myself and hopefully give you some tips that might work for your Luo woman that you ave tried who apparently seems always dry.

                            First of all, my Acholi/Luo darling is called Ocibo, What a coincident...huh?

                            let me share with you what works for me in regards to getting me wet.
                            1. A combination of me sucking Okello and an epikack.
                            2. Ocibo fingering me
                            3. Ocibo massaging my clits
                            4. Ocibo sucking my boobs.
                            5. A comibination of Ocibo's tongue in my mouth and his finger in my vagina

                            These small interaction that may not worth much to a man might mean life or death for a woman's orgasm. Now men, don't think any of these would automatically work at night when during the day you were being a jerk and she is probably so pissed of at it may not work.

                            Well Introducer, good luck with your next luo catch.

                            Man 6: haahhh u luos that topic is very sickening .dont u think u r talking to minors,
                            as well or is "Achilimit" is about obscenity?

                            Man 7: We are made of what we eat!!!! May be i should ask the same question from a different angle! ''WHY ARE LUO WOMEN VERY PHYSICALLY STRONGER THAN THE BANTU WOMEN'

                            Am sure many of u will agree that it is because of what they eat and that the Bantu eat Matoke and that is why they are physically weaker.

                            But they are not totally dry like a desert! i would rather say they just have enough

                            Introducer: lol@ Lady3

                            Lady 3 :  Gwokto, you are very welcome to Acholimit: The best page on facebook.
                            Whatever we discuss here on Acholimit, I am just glad that it brought you on our Luo Jets. now, lets take off together brother.
                            Enjoy Acholimit.

                            Man 8: to condemn all our lovly ladies as dry is not right. I tend to believe that alot of factors are in play.Man 3 summarised it all!
                            By the way are Kenyan Luos included? and they are the best in bed!

                            Lady 4: so true Lady 3, on the massaging of th clits, boobs and all th foreplay.

                            of course not all luo women are dry...for me its sumtyms even just th mental foreplay that gets me dripping. talking dirty to my man over th phone (calls/ txts)...or dirty chatting wth him online...
                            THAT alone can get me so aroused that i need a fresh set of panties. lol

                            all th same, theres nothing that beats some slow, gud that by time he can't hold it anymore, am also ready (& wet enuf) for sum mindblowing lovemaking ;-))

                            Intro: And the award goes to Acholimit..... The most interactive page on FB

                            Man 9: Luo women lack fluids but are strong. Bantu have basins of fluids but are weak. Thats Gods perfect plan.

                            Ok, ladies who are bitter here. Try out a three some.
                            Bring a Mukiga lady and yourself and get a man to hack u both. You will see who has more fluids!

                            THERE U WILL SEE THE FACT OF OF MR DON.

                            Don I think u brought out this topic after experimenting-right?:)

                            Man 10: Kamba ladies are said to be the wildest in bed but in playing the game, iuo ladies r the best so far....
                            Ladies who eat a lot of cabbage and potatoes tenp to be unplesantly wet. i mean overfowing. luo ladies only come good enourg to lubricate the shaft and wet the sheets a little, which i find very nice

                            Lady 4: now therz a luo man who appreciates his luo women! :-)

                            Top 6 Uganda social networks

                            1. AppAfrica
                   is a web portal for the latest news related to web development, social media, innovation, education and African entrepreneurship in other areas of technology. This also includes thier weekly podcast, Appfricast which is available on iTunes.


                            2. Blog spirit
                   is website that aggregates Ugandan bloggers. Its a Node Six Media Network application.


                            3. Rockug
                   is a brand new social network similar almost similar to myspace.


                            4. Campuser
                   is an online social resource mainly geared towards university students in Uganda.

                   is managed by (U) Limited.


                            5. Designkingdom

                            Design Kingdom is an online community of Ugandan artists, designers, animators, film editors and anyone who dabbles in any sort of art. Its also a Node Six Media Network application.


                            6. Hipipo
                            Hipipo is an online community that connects people through a network of friends and friends of friends.


                            Gay community to ask for Special envoy for "Gay issues" at state department

                            Another thing in the books is that the Gay community is proposing asking for a Special envoy working on Gay issues at the State department in Uganda.

                            Well i think that sounds fantastic for Mr. Nsaba Buturo and Bahati.:)!

                            Counter Peaceful protest planned for Ssempa's Anti gay rally in Uganda

                            Pr. Martin Sempa's Anti-gay Rally slated for Jan 20, 2010 is not alone.
                            Well a Counter world wide protest is Being planned and is in the books.

                            And most probably it might be on the same date.