Cool stuff to know about Uganda

National Language

Transport Means and Facts

Boda bodas are the most  fasted and most used means of when you want to get to a place fast . Other popular means are Taxis.

Cars drive on the left side of the road

 Public Holidays

January 1- New Years Day
Janury 21-Eid al Adha
January 26-Liberation Day
March 8-International Womens day
March 25-28 -Good friday-Easter Monday
May 1-Labour Day
June 3-Martys Day
June 9-National heroes day
June 9-National Heroes day
October 9-Independence day
November 3-5-Eid Al Fitr
December 25th-Christmas Day
December 26th-Boxing day

Customs & Duties
  • The following items may be brought into Uganda without incurring duties: 
         1 litre of Alcohol, 500ml of perfume for personal use and 250gm of cigarettes/cigars or tobacco.
  •  The metric system is used in Uganda to measure weights.

Communications and Posts.

  • International postal and telephone services are available in all the major towns in Uganda. 
  • Internet services are available in major towns of Uganda i.e Kampala,Jinja,Masaka,Mbarara et.c

  • Tips are included on your bill and amount to about 10-15% of the total amount.

Media in English

  • The most popular English language newspapers in Uganda include:
The New Vision, The Monitor, The Red pepper(Tabloid), East African Times,The Onion(Tabloid) and The Indepedent.

  • Televison in English
        NTV, WBS, UTV(Free) and Digital Television(Available in Hotels) -DSTV

Social Networks for Ugandans

 Rock Ug

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