Why Luo women are so Dry

Well a Facebook Group "AcholiLimit" Answers that question"
Introducer of topic(Man):  Why is it that our Luo Women are relatively drier than their Bantu counterparts?
One school of thought argues that they're not "endowed by nature", while others attribute this condition to the kinds of foods and drinks that our dear ladies consume.

Lady1: @ Introducer...Did you do your Research very well..? being dry is not associated with foods & drinks..some ladies have lots of water naturally and others have little that has to be drained real well..what i mean here is...You have to do your work as a man..by romancing your woman thoroughly....i promise you water will start to flow on its on own......most guys tend to ignore fore play & yet its very important for ladies......Cheers!

Man1: How universal is this claim that 'Luo women are dry'? I want to be that the maxim is false. What litmus test did the explorers of 'dryness' of Luo women use to arrive at this discovery. If it is a resaerch, what sample of women was selected and how was the sample arrived at?? Anyway we shall se the arguments...........

Lady2: Majority of the taps will flow if opened the right way. Maybe this reflects more on the men docking at the stations of these women. For me, my tap can even overflow when tapped right (lots of foreplay even when not in the mood or if for any reason I am already in the mood) but with no foreplay, as dry as the desert!

Man 2: Seems Introducer has found the ultimate answer just from our dear ladies 1 and 2. It's a proven fact that any well aroused lady or man through foreplay must wet up. @ Introducer, take your time with our dear sister, working on her gently b4 penetration and I promise to prove your theory wrong.!
Any more Luos sisters out there!!!!

Man 3:  True i agree. If you pay peanuts, u get monkeys to work for u. if u cant get a lady in the mood, expect sahara desert?
Men have to take time and really get the ladies to also enjoy. it is a two way traffic.

Man 4: I totally disagree with this argument of our beautiful ladies being dry, I also agree with other members who argued that with foreplay u get wet whether u lyk it or not. Ppl who complain that our ladies hv this problem r ppl who shoot first n ask question later. My bros first u must ask question then shoot as much u lyk, assuring ur self total submission.

Man 5: Thnx guys 4 your threads to the topic I posted. Much as I wouldnt talk up my prowess between the sheets (coz no1 can testify to that); it is a fact that ladies arent equally blessed along those lines.
Although lack of vaginal lubrication is mostly highly attributed to limited excitement during foreplay, other factors also come into question, e.g levels of estrogen, birth control pills, diet,stress, nature etc.
It is from the last point tht i based my topic.

Lady 3: Introducer, I am actually very offended by your generalizing question. Not even to say "SOME" luo women but just "LUO WOMEN" in general! u make it sound like most of us are dry all the time. Well, u have tried more luo women while i have not even tried one. But let me speak for myself and hopefully give you some tips that might work for your Luo woman that you ave tried who apparently seems always dry.

First of all, my Acholi/Luo darling is called Ocibo, What a coincident...huh?

let me share with you what works for me in regards to getting me wet.
1. A combination of me sucking Okello and an epikack.
2. Ocibo fingering me
3. Ocibo massaging my clits
4. Ocibo sucking my boobs.
5. A comibination of Ocibo's tongue in my mouth and his finger in my vagina

These small interaction that may not worth much to a man might mean life or death for a woman's orgasm. Now men, don't think any of these would automatically work at night when during the day you were being a jerk and she is probably so pissed of at you...no it may not work.

Well Introducer, good luck with your next luo catch.

Man 6: haahhh u luos that topic is very sickening .dont u think u r talking to minors,
as well or is "Achilimit" is about obscenity?

Man 7: We are made of what we eat!!!! May be i should ask the same question from a different angle! ''WHY ARE LUO WOMEN VERY PHYSICALLY STRONGER THAN THE BANTU WOMEN'

Am sure many of u will agree that it is because of what they eat and that the Bantu eat Matoke and that is why they are physically weaker.

But they are not totally dry like a desert! i would rather say they just have enough

Introducer: lol@ Lady3

Lady 3 :  Gwokto, you are very welcome to Acholimit: The best page on facebook.
Whatever we discuss here on Acholimit, I am just glad that it brought you on our Luo Jets. now, lets take off together brother.
Enjoy Acholimit.

Man 8: to condemn all our lovly ladies as dry is not right. I tend to believe that alot of factors are in play.Man 3 summarised it all!
By the way are Kenyan Luos included? and they are the best in bed!

Lady 4: so true Lady 3, on the massaging of th clits, boobs and all th foreplay.

of course not all luo women are dry...for me its sumtyms even just th mental foreplay that gets me dripping. talking dirty to my man over th phone (calls/ txts)...or dirty chatting wth him online...
THAT alone can get me so aroused that i need a fresh set of panties. lol

all th same, theres nothing that beats some slow, gud foreplay...so that by time he can't hold it anymore, am also ready (& wet enuf) for sum mindblowing lovemaking ;-))

Intro: And the award goes to Acholimit..... The most interactive page on FB

Man 9: Luo women lack fluids but are strong. Bantu have basins of fluids but are weak. Thats Gods perfect plan.

Ok, ladies who are bitter here. Try out a three some.
Bring a Mukiga lady and yourself and get a man to hack u both. You will see who has more fluids!


Don I think u brought out this topic after experimenting-right?:)

Man 10: Kamba ladies are said to be the wildest in bed but in playing the game, iuo ladies r the best so far....
Ladies who eat a lot of cabbage and potatoes tenp to be unplesantly wet. i mean overfowing. luo ladies only come good enourg to lubricate the shaft and wet the sheets a little, which i find very nice

Lady 4: now therz a luo man who appreciates his luo women! :-)
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Anonymous said...

Maybe the "Luo Women" who form the reference to your opinion just didn't find you attractive enough to "bring on the rain." To get a Luo woman ready, you need to:-

1.Take a shower before the event

2.Floss your teeth if you intend to get your lips anywhere near her's - fresh breath is an aphrodisiac, and nicotine breath, halitosis etc is just plain nauseating.

3.Refrain from using words that force you o shrub e.g. "I RAV U", which just murders the mood.

4.Foreplay is King. A woman who's tap is on constant drip all the time is probably STD infested or has something not right, eg sweat glands in the V and should be taken to a gynecologist and not to bed.

Luo girls are not promiscuous, and are not easy to land just like the other types. Cash alone can't get Atieno or Akinyi's clouds to go grey - there has to be taste, pedigree and decorum to go with it, and mutual respect.

The "physical strength" you refereed to comes from being raised on a balanced diet and calcium-rich seafood which gives them healthy bone-structure.

Genetics might also come in play, in that Luos descend from the historic Kush empire that was the first historically recorded civilization that ruled the world.

And now thanks to Obama, WE ARE BACK! We are a classy lot, and if you want class you have to go that extra mile.

For the lazy, unimaginative, unhygienic, and excuse-making incontinent, we suggest taking one of those slippery, wide-lane, no-grip alternatives that you prefer.

Anonymous said...

Proudly LUO,donge?

Nyabera said...

This post seems to be talking about the Luo of Uganda, who are markedly different in dialect and physiology than the Luo of Kenya and Tanzania. Kenyan Luo women make amazing lovers and are far from dry

Nyabera said...

And the first comment above seems to have been made by a Kenyan Luo. Ugandan Luo is made up of different tribes.. Acholi, Lang'i, Padhola, Alur etc

Anonymous said...

Am a Kenyan Luo Odhiambo, so far I have fucked close to 300 (plus) of different tribes in Kenya, Burundi,Tanzani...like the Nyamwezi are dry, Taita are watery they don't attributed to eating Cabbage, while the Abagisu was watery , the more she eats soup the more water she will rain with her elongated clit...but all in all it depends with foreplay, I start with finguring her before I penetrate her or for the first timers I lick her clit and ass, then am assured she will come back to me....they make rain......Luos have creamy juicy pussy

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