Interesting facts about Uganda

Clear and precise-everyone knows this!
  • Uganda is ever green, Lank locked
  • 11% of the worlds birds are in Uganda(Country with the most birds in the world)
  • The capital City “Kampala” is dusty
  • Cars, Bodabodas, Bicycles drive on the left side of the road
  • Boda boda’s are most the scariest thing ever
  • Uganda has no National Flower
  • Bicycles are the main type of transportation in most towns of Uganda
  • Uganda together with its neighbor Rwanda are the only countries with Mountain Gorillas
  • If you tell a “Ugandan-if not “Africans”in general” to meet you at 1.00pm, don’t actually expect to see them until at least 1:30. This theory has been tested and proven and is known as African time
  • Ugandan ladies never call. They only beep if they want to tell you something. This theory is also scientifically proven and tested.

  • There is no such thing as ketchup, Only a gel like “Tomato sauce”.
  • Ugandans tops the world in Alcohol Consumption-(2007 report)
  • Contrary to the popular belief by Europeans, Americans e.t.c, Officials at Entebbe Airport are not Lions, Trust me, many have been disappointed.......
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