Top 6 Uganda social networks

1. AppAfrica is a web portal for the latest news related to web development, social media, innovation, education and African entrepreneurship in other areas of technology. This also includes thier weekly podcast, Appfricast which is available on iTunes.


2. Blog spirit is website that aggregates Ugandan bloggers. Its a Node Six Media Network application.


3. Rockug is a brand new social network similar almost similar to myspace.


4. Campuser is an online social resource mainly geared towards university students in Uganda. is managed by (U) Limited.


5. Designkingdom

Design Kingdom is an online community of Ugandan artists, designers, animators, film editors and anyone who dabbles in any sort of art. Its also a Node Six Media Network application.


6. Hipipo
Hipipo is an online community that connects people through a network of friends and friends of friends.

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Ugandan Sports News said...

Yaah , this cool , i didn't know about , but it seems very interesting i checked the website after looking at this article , and had top Ugandan Music videos , East Africa Celebrity news , and so much interactivity to boost up the social network. i Think it's number one social network in Africa

Ugandan Music news said...

men thats good for silly work is so good but your ranking leaves alot to be desired coz i personally beleive that must be among the top three sites in ug boys.

Fresh-apples said...

Hipipo is a very cool website but lacks in the design. Its the worst designed of the listed. View out the other applications and you will see they run head to head. Thanks for your views though!

jordah said...

Just wondering how got left out. we are ranked 22nd in top 25. check out we have just realised a University research tool. unrivalled. we have a facebook like chat and offer single sign in solutions(facebook,myspace,gmail,yahoo,live) members can enter without need for registration. we have an advanced invitation system that allows invitation from even facebook, myspace etc. don't get left out. is made in uganda and branded african, dnt get left out

Fresh-apples said...

Actually researched this using Google, Bing and also using Alexa ranks.
However i never found
at the time.

I checked it out and its really cool. With the best features in all the the Ugandan social networks i listed.

Thanks for the tip bro

Anonymous said...

check out
i think its prettty cool and unique News And Gossip said... is of course the best .. The leading social entertainment website in Africa... Topping all charts

Anonymous said...

The Best Ugandan Business and Social Network website is It is exactly like facebook and very well organised. You can also test it by logging in with your facebook account.

Ugandan Coffee said...

yeah I have to agree tith fresh apples, Hipopo is so terribly designed, it is so hard to find anything there. For me, the best uganda social network is they are the same as Now that is a real social nnnnnnnetwork website. Fresh apples some of the site you mentioned are not even social networks nor are they even workingg. Perhaps you review and correct your ratings. I like your nicks about uganda.

david said...

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Kinshari said...

A pure Ugandan Social Network worth mentioning is Talk. Check it out yourself:

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