Main Reasons why Ugandans hate Indians

I recently did some research on the  reasons why most Ugandans hate Indians and these are some of the most captivating i found.

  • Indians are too abusive
  • Indians pay less at work
  • Indians seldomly associate with Black Ugandans.
  • Indians seldomly intermarry with Black Ugandans.
  • Black Ugandans think Indians take themselves superior over them.
  • Black Ugandans think Uganda is for only Ugandan black people.
  • Ugandans think indians are doing bussineses they should be doing.
  • Ugandans think Indians will take over the houses which  previously belonged to them(indians) before there  expulsion from the Uganda by Idi Amin.
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    tumwijuke said...

    I'm confused about whether this is supposed to be a social commentary, analysis or just a statement of fact regarding the realities of racism in Uganda ...


    Fresh-apples said...

    Those are not my own personal views so take it as "a statement of fact regarding the realities of racism in Uganda ..."

    Anonymous said...

    And what facts do you have to back your claims up? The genuine truth is you have classified and generalised a select group of people based on your misguided emotions. That, my friend, shows your racist nature! Grow up.