Design Kingdom: Cool design but name sucks You guys have got one of the coolest site designs in U.G but your Domain of 13 Characters sucks!.-It really nags to type stuff that long...

Think you know why Yahoo-Bing-Google are popular- Cool short -soundy- names.
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King said...

Actually, it's

not .com

Also, short domain names are extremely expensive, and coming up with abstract domain names for the sake of keeping things short wasn't going to work. We believe Design Kingdom works very well.

And seriously, thank you for the props.

Dante said...

i beg to differ. Designkingdom is catchy in it's own right. Who said url's had to be short? anyone who's too lazy to type a 13-character url shdn't be blogging. Just saying

normzo said...

I am liking that site,and i dont mind how long the characters are-

Onyx! said...

Thanks for the correction King.

Yes its cathy.., in fact i never finish a day without looking at Design Kingdom.

Ask the proffesionals, a short URL is way to go, i.e thats why Microsoft chose Bing for their Search engine.

Were humans, sometimes u feel lazy and typing those 13 characters..Man!-


krishna kashyap av said...

Perfectly said..
The designs are
truly amazing.
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