Kampala is on fire,Dead people and Teargas!

Shot by Monitor publications.
Developing: Thursday Sep. 2010

"Like his mentor Milton Obote, Museveni is following his foot steps"

Violence is believed to have been triggered by a Group of people singing the Buganda Anthem-demonstrating against the Blockage of the Buganda Katikiro John Baptists Walusimbi from entering Kayunga earlier by Police.
The Katikito had gone to finalise on the Kabakas visit on Saturday.

On the scene:

Police are firing live AK rounds & Tear gas at demostrators who set ablaze a Police station in the Old park.

I can hear the numerous gun shots. Taxis are being diverted back to city subburbs. The police is even hitting vehicles trying to pass through the city. Breaking windows......

Government rebels- The (Black) Mambas and military police, have surrounded Bulange,Mengo,- Bulange is under-siege.

Two people now dead -killed by Mambas.

The violence has also spread to areas of kalerwe, Ndeeba, Kawempe, Bunamwaya and Kyebando on the outskirts of Kampala.

New Updates:

Two people reportadely dead in Nateete-A man and a woman

Now lots of Mambas and tear gas deployed in Kayunga...

Facebook: "Man guys this thing is going out of control, gunshots AK 47 ringing around wandegeya. DPC says kelerwe market has also kicked off, I just saw 2 UCprado's bursting up the hill towards state house full lights on with guns pointing out the windows. This is dejavu!

So far now four people dead, one policeman, one woman and three men.

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