10 People dead so far in Uganda violence

People walk past a man shot dead by the police as..(AP photo)

News so far:
10 People Dead so far in the riot in its 2nd Day.
7 Shot dead yesterday and 3 today (Friday)

More Radio stations closed : Radio two-Akaboozi, Suubi FM, Radio sapisensa, Radio simba allegededly for inciting violence.
(Yesterday CBS Radio station was closed)

5 people at Kiseka market have been arrested by the army for selling T-shirts bearing the Kabaka's(Buganda king) picture.

"Well the Baganda are saying enough is enough come rain or sunshine,Kayunga is on(Kabaka(Buganda king) will still visit).And on the other hand the criminal state is saying it can only happen over the dead bodies of so many ugandans.They are ready to destroy the country to enforce the order...s of one Munyala,We hear the Kabaka refused to pick the phone call of Isebagabe (Banyala king)."

Follow ups(From Tumwijuke):
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tumwijuke said...

I counted 14 bodies at City Mortuary ...

Anonymous said...

whats happening to the pearl of africa? Has YM decided to create his own 9/11 ?

LaTonya Bynum said...

This is so sad! Our world needs prayer.