Uganda riot aftermath: 14 Dead, 550 Arrested, Media closures....

Kampala calm, its 7:26P.M -No shots fired

Update: Now more than 21 people Dead.
President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni says the Uganda police and Military police shooting live bullets in both
protesters and non protesters was according to the Law.

"10 People dead so far in Uganda violence"
Anonymous tumwijuke said...

I counted 14 bodies at City Mortuary ...

September 11, 2009 9:43 AM

550 or more people Arrested so far.

More from witnesses|
The Ugandan police and Army was forcing rioters it had rounded up to scoop fire(they had set) using their bare hands.

Police and the army were/are going house-to-house and removing people from their homes, and witnessed truckloads of unarmed men being beaten(Reuters).

At least 6 Radio stations were shut. list of some below
Radio two-Akaboozi, Suubi FM, Radio sapisensa, Radio simba, CBS radio station

Several radio reporters/personalities abducted and taken into custody.

Tumwijuke on media blackout reports:
"From the corridors of WBS TV, a report that Kalundi Serumaga, a panelist on Kibazo on Friday was picked up shortly after the show for comments made about President Yoweri Museveni’s upbringing and leadership, the Bafuruki issue, oil and ethnicity"

Several T.V stations were also stormed into/surrounded.
Tumwijuke reports
"Disturbing reports that security operatives stormed the offices of NBS TV today to ‘edit’ their 8pm bulletin. A source inside NBS says any ‘unsanctioned’ material on the riots in Kampala was discarded"

Reports of Military presence at NTV were also reported.

For reports in real time:
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Observers said...


my name is Ségolène Malterre;
I'm working for the Observers website based in Paris.

It's part of the France24 channel.
I would like to know if you have any pictures of what is happening in Uganda. Could I ask you some questions about the current situation there ?
Let me know if you some time to talk about all this.

Best regards,

Ségolène Malterre

Fresh-apples said...

I have no pictures of the event. But i could refer you or try to get them.

Any questions or inquiries about anything are welcome from you.