Fighting Aids

Below is a message i have recently sent out to many Ugandans who appear to be participating in the rewarding ideology of "Fighting Aids":

Ive been curious after spending  long visists in Uganda over the last 6 years why "AIDS" discriminates so overwhelmingly between the races? Is it "HIV" or malnutrition that causes immun...e defiecincies there?

There are no inhibitions or limits as to what goes on in the touristy Kabalaggala and city clubs yet young people seem to be quite healty, apart from a small incidence of alcoholism (but no "AIDS"). Even in the UK we continue to be burdened by unwanted preganacies and STDs, and the influence of the pornography, prostitition, sex tourism, pediphilia and swingers clubbing industries. And ther is still no "AIDS" scourge, after 27 years.

Also how is it possible to differentiate between intrauterine malnutrition and perinatal "AIDS" (MTCT) if all the lab tests are non-specific and fraught with problems of cross reactions with antibodies from TB, malaria and poverty in general? Someone at the MOH told me in 2005 that there were over 6000 AIDS NGOS operating in Uganda? How come? Has it become a kind of a religion down there?

 -Ricci Davis
World aids day December 1 2009
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jonblanc said...

Aids in Uganda, no there is none of the vices of the West with swinger clubs...Kabalagalla mosquito girls, 57% have STD's, 40 some have HIV according to a Planned Parenthood study. Alcohol consumption there and other places is a lot more than you allude to. Uganda consumes more alcohol than any other nation in the world according to World Health organization, 2 years running, most of it home made, which inhibit judgment including in prostitutes who charge more for without condom.

The real cause of aids is the west people get divorced, in Uganda you simply have unofficial wives. Ask any Ugandan when the introduce you to brother or sister "same parents?". At funeral of the man two other women show up with children in tow.
Aids in Uganda is a reality, and polygamy in one form or another is life here. In the 90's government offices, banks were emptied of employees, empty desks everywhere, the military lost many officers. Today according to the government 35% of the army is hiv positive. HIV Aids has slightly increased in the last few years after reduction and the rich are not immune, because of money they indulge more.

HIV can be prevented and there is even a simple process developed by a Ugandan that is inexpensive and spares the child if the mother is diagnosed correctly...there is hope for Uganda...