LRA Team in Peace Talks Resigns

Elusive signatures of President Yoweri Museveni and rebel Joseph Kony on a final peace deal for Northern Uganda has forced Lord's Resistance Army's peace team to resign.
LRA's chief negotiator David Nyerokach-Matsanga and Mr Justine Labeja, who have been part of the team that negotiated various agreements aimed at ending the Ugandan civil war, yesterday resigned citing lack of commitment on the part of President Museveni and LRA leader Kony.

They said they lacked the capacity to 'chase' Kony for his signature in the Central Africa Republic, and that the Uganda government had failed to grant a temporary ceasefire to enable Kony to come out and sign the Final Peace Agreement.

"Museveni says Kony must sign the FPA, but he has refused to grant him a temporary ceasefire. How does he expect Kony to sign the agreement?" he said.
Didn't show up

In April, President Museveni went to Juba to sign the deal, but Kony failed to show up, making the chief negotiator Salva Kiir to postpone the signing.
But yesterday, the LRA negotiators told a news conference in Nairobi that they were happy that their efforts had restored peace in Northern Uganda, adding that Kony's signature was therefore "moribund."
Said Dr Nyerokach-Matsanga: "General Kony and President Museveni are a small entity in this process because Uganda is bigger than individuals when it comes to peace."
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