Al Gore's Next Movie-No Hunger Trailer

On June 19th, the FAO published a report stating that there are now more than 1 billion hungry people around the world for the first time ever!Please join us in convincing Al Gore to make this his next movie and let's put an end to the greatest tragedy of the 21st Century, the tragedy of global hunger - a crisis that kills up to 5 million young children every year!

Please help sign the petition. its embeded in the post below.

Help sign the Petition for Al Gore's next film- No-Hunger campaign on July 13th

The global humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger is launching No Hunger with a trailer to Al Gore’s next film—a film that doesn’t exist yet—about acute malnutrition, a disease that kills 5 million children each year. We’re asking people to view the trailer and sign the petition asking Gore to make the film. The petition will be presented to Al Gore this December at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

You can view the movie trailer at

And you can also sign the petition:

Just as An Inconvenient Truth helped reshape climate change, an Al Gore film called No Hunger could mobilize the support needed to end childhood deaths from malnutrition—a predictable, preventable condition that threatens 55 million children every year. We now have the tools to end acute malnutrition; we just need the support.

As the campaign has already been launched in Spain, and more recently in France and the United Kingdom, the petition already has some 63,000 signatures and is already endorsed by celebrities such as "Heroes" co-star Jimmy Jean Louis.

The campaign is on Monday, July 13th.