Six Ugandans locked up for insulting Dictator Museveni

Six people were remanded at Buwama police prison in the outskirts of Ugandan capital Kampala for booing Dictator Yoweri Museveni, police spokesperson Judith Nabakooba said.
Speaking to the local Daily Monitor Monday, Ms Nabakooba said the matter was before court.
“I cannot comment on the matter, but what I can say is that they were arrested, taken to court and remanded,” Ms Nabakooba said, without stating the charges preferred against them.
Early reports, however, published by, allege that 20 people were arrested for booing the Dictator while on a campaign trail at Buwama market.

The report claimed that while addressing a rally at Buwama trading centre on Friday, a group of people started booing and hurling insults at him.
Opposition parties
"A group of young men, who seemed to be from one of the opposition parties, started shouting at the Dictator immediately he started making his speech,” Mr Thomas Bwire, a police officer who was at the scene, said.
According to Mr Bwire, the group shouted: "’We are tired of you, you have been in power for long enough,'’ while others said ''you are a dictator. You are power hungry. You do not want others to rule."
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